Obtaining a Visa

Below, please find visa requirements for Belize. Belize requires prior approval from the Department of Immigration Services in Belize for a visa for citizens of certain countries (please see below). 


Cruise Passengers do NOT need a Visa to travel to Belize

Any national who holds a valid USA Permanent Residence or a valid USA Visitor's Visa can obtain a visa for Belize without the application being referred to the Director of Immigration for prior approval eliminating the two week processing period. In the cases of those nationals who appear on the Visa Requirements Lists as requiring clearance, once they do not possess a valid US Visa or US Permanent Residency Card then the application must be referred to the Director of immigration for approval. Therefore you will need to e-mail us copies of all the below-mentioned documents in order to process your visa.

1. Notarized copy of passport (valid for at least six months from departure date from Belize)

2. Notarized copy permanent residency card OR notarized copy of a valid and current multiple-entry US visa
3. Color passport- sized photo (1)
4. Flight itinerary to Belize (MUST show arrival and departure dates.)
5. Hotel reservations in Belize (OR letter of invitation for stay with family or friends who reside in Belize legally and permanently)
6. Most recent and legible bank statement showing enough funds to cover the trip and stay in Belize OR a company letter stating they are covering all costs of your stay.
7. Filled-out visa application form (attached): Carefully complete this form, please. It is important that you print clearly and fill in every line.
8. Non-refundable fees:
Single-entry visa: $80.00 ($50.00 visa and $30.00 processing fee) OR
Multiple-entry visa: $130.00 ($100.00 visa and $30.00 processing fee)
Payment must be in cash or U.S. Money Order

DOWNLOAD VISA APPLICATION Countries that require a VISA to enter Belize